Divorce and Your Timeshare

Freedom from Your Timeshare When you go through the complicated and emotional process of divorce, your frustration can increase dramatically if you need to decide on your timeshare ownership. People often prefer to address their timeshare ownership at the start of their divorce process. Otherwise, there is a chance that your process could be prolonged, [...]

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What You Need To Know Before Getting a Timeshare

Freedom from Burdensome Timeshares The age of the average owner of a timeshare is about 51 years. However, young travelers should understand the workings of the timeshare industry before pursuing it. This is imperative because there are a number of timeshare scams prevailing in the industry. Millennials go on vacations frequently, and typically they are [...]

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Paying Your Timeshare Maintenance Fee

Get Out of Your Timeshare If you own a timeshare, you must know that you need to pay an annual fee to continue using it, an annual maintenance fee. Unfortunately, you are asked to pay this annual fee in the month of January, just when you are getting over with the hectic frenzy associated with [...]

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