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When starting Timeshare Freedom Group, we had a vision to create a timeshare cancellation company that truly helped people get rid of their timeshare legally and permanently. It sounds simple, but we didn’t see anyone else in the marketplace helping people get out of their timeshare in the way that we thought was best for customers.

We pictured a relationship between our team of experts and customers that was real and personal. We know how complicated getting rid of a timeshare can be, so we built a workflow that would enable us to do all the work on their behalf. We visualized a process that would assign each of them a dedicated case manager who would check in at a minimum of once a month and would always be available to speak whenever they had questions.

If any of them felt misled into buying a timeshare, we wanted to earn their trust by standing behind our service with a free consultation and a 100% money back guarantee.

Ten years later, our vision is still the same. We have canceled nearly 15,000 timeshare contracts across 15 offices nationwide with our now proven cancellation system. If you want to be free of your timeshare, we want to help you be next.

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We do what it takes to earn the trust of our customers, including standing by our work with a 100% money back guarantee.


We take the time to put customer care first, to truly listen to them, and to prioritize making their lives easier.


We believe having the courage to think differently and to envision the best ways to truly help our customers is important.


We pursue timeshare cancellation for our customers with tenacity and passion.


We celebrate different backgrounds, experiences, skills, and ideas, while working to make timeshare cancellation available to all.


Visit one of our 15 offices nationwide or call 1-866-668-6872 for a free consultation with one of our timeshare cancellation experts.

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