Once upon a time, there may have been a case for owning a timeshare. The promise of a yearly vacation at a reduced price was a compelling promise. And in some instances, certainly not all, the yearly maintenance fees were less than what it would cost to book a traditional hotel.

The problem has always been that over time, the timeshare maintenance fees continue to rise. In many instances, they rise well above that of what it would cost to simply book a comparable vacation. Fast forward to the day and age of discount travel and this value proposition starts to look even more suspicious, even from the very start.

Many consumers are realizing that the maintenance fees and associated costs with owning a timeshare far outweigh the cost of simply booking a trip via one of the many discount travel sites like Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire, etc.   When you throw in the fact that timeshare owners are plagued by availability issues and blackout dates (i.e. not being able to book trips on their desired dates), along with perpetuity clauses (i.e. lifetime contracts where you are charged whether you take a trip or not) and this value proposition sinks even further.

What most people fail to consider when signing on the dotted line for a timeshare is that their circumstances of today can often look very different tomorrow. Financial situations change. Travel tastes change. But the perpetuity clause in a timeshare contract locks you into a financial obligation and travel scenario for life. In fact, it can lock your children into the same obligations as the timeshare is almost always passed down to your heirs.

The simple point to be made here is that booking trips online in this day and age of discount travel is a far better bargain than buying a timeshare. When you factor in the lifetime nature of timeshare contracts and the ever changing events that life invariably throws, it becomes exceedingly obvious that timeshare contracts are a bad deal through and through.

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