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    Frequently Asked Timeshare Cancellation Questions

    While the time frame can vary, 95 percent of our clients can expect the timeshare cancellation process to last anywhere from nine to twelve months.  Some resorts and specific situations may take longer than others and we have a written guarantee in our contract to cover these rare situations.

    It is worth noting that we will under no circumstance comeback to you requesting more money should this termination job get prolonged for any reason.  In fact, if after 24 months we have not successfully canceled your timeshare contract, we will provide a full refund as is stated in our initial scope of services agreement.

    This money back guarantee is in place to put our clients mind at ease as opposed to something we ever have to truly make good on.  The simple reason is that we do not take on clients we do not know for certain we can help.  To take on a client that we cannot eventually get rid of a timeshare for, and will need to refund money to, is simply bad business.  It is a time waster for all parties involved and we would rather focus all efforts on the timeshare owners who we absolutely know we can assist in canceling contracts for.

    #1. Free Consultation with Timeshare Cancellation Adviser

    We will schedule a time for you to have a personal face-to-face consultation at one of our office locations. Should you not be located near one of our physical offices, we can alternately set up the meeting to be over the phone. You will be speaking with one of our experienced timeshare cancellation advisers to discuss your specific contractual situation.

    After gathering the specifics of your timeshare contract and hearing more about your experience with the timeshare, the cancellation adviser will come up with a course of action to cancel your timeshare contract. They will also be able to quote you a price for our service.

    There is never any rush or pressure applied to sign up for anything. This meeting is all about presenting you with helpful information and about your situation and letting you know how we can help should you want to use our service.

    Should you decide to move forward with us, it is then a matter of filling out a quick contract, signing on the dotted line and moving one step closer to Timeshare Freedom.

    #2. Timeshare Cancellation File Preparation

    The first thing we do after you have signed up for our timeshare cancellation service is to assign you a dedicated client manager. You will work directly with a dedicated timeshare client manager who will remain your point of contact through the entire Timeshare Cancellation Process.

    This person will be a single point of contact throughout the timeshare cancellation process. This well trained and knowledgeable individual’s primary responsibility is to keep you the client updated and informed on your case file. The other primary job duty of the client manager is to be a liaison between our legal team and yourself.

    Your client manager will provide you with a list of things we will need from you. Typical requests would be documents relating to your timeshare ownership, along with a brief written statement from you. This statement will detail your experience with the resort thus far and the main reasons you want out of the timeshare contract.

    No other company in the timeshare cancellation industry is as client-focused as we are. We know how stressful it can be to try and deal with the timeshare resort on your own. Our primary job is to take this whole mess off your shoulders and do the heavy lifting for you.

    It is the relationship between client and client manager, both the trust and security of knowing you have someone to talk things through with and go to with questions or fears, is most often cited as the Timeshare Freedom Group’s most esteemed attribute.

    #3. Timeshare Exit Processing

    Our Timeshare Cancellation process will vary as each case is uniquely different. How we process your cancellation depends on many factors. Your timeshare cancellation adviser laid out a course of action at the beginning of the process and this stage is really about letting our team do its thing in carrying out that plan.

    As previously mentioned, 99 percent of the work is handled on our end.  Your role at first was that of the information provider in Stage 1 and then as the information gatherer in Stage 2. Stage 3 is when your primary responsibility is to stay patient and let us do what we do best, which is force timeshare resorts to take back ownership of the worthless product they misled you into buying in the first place.

    You will receive update calls every few weeks during this period, even if the update is no news is good news.

    #4. Timeshare Exit Complete

     As the process winds to a close, we will be in close contact with you to ensure you are 100 percent signed off on the terms of the cancellation. If so, it is now a matter of just days until the finish line is crossed.

    The timeshare cancellation is official, and you will receive written confirmation that you are free and clear of all ownership duties, financial obligations and contractual obligations from the timeshare. Congratulations, you finally have Timeshare Freedom.

    This final moment is by far the most sacred part of the process here at Timeshare Freedom Group. This is the moment that we have worked for and continue to work for each day. To be able to hear the relief and see the stress of the entire timeshare experience melt right off the client is truly rewarding. You are now 100 percent timeshare Free.

    If you are current on your payments and/or maintenance fees and in good standing with your resort you may be able to extend your usage by banking your points/week.

    We cannot advise anyone to violate the terms of a contract, this is your choice to make. If you cannot afford to make your payments then not paying may be your only option, however, if you choose to stop payment, lack of payment could have negative effects on your credit score and even cause your account to go into collections. Timeshare Freedom is here to minimize the consequences of non-payments of your mortgage, maintenance fees, and special assessments that part of the contracts we are getting you out of.

    Something is only worth what someone will pay for it. There are thousands of timeshares for sale online for a dollar or less! Less than 2% of timeshare owners are successful in selling their contracts on the secondary market.Timeshares for the most part do not have a monetary value, they have more value when it comes to memories you have made while using the timeshare. If you are finding that you are now just paying special assessment fees, maintenance fees, or paying towards your mortgage and not getting any use out of it then it will be safe to say your timeshare does not hold any value and is more of a financial burden.

    Yes! Your name is legally removed from your contract. We do not try to transfer your timeshare to another person. Our process legally removes you from your timeshare contract without trying to sell or trade your timeshare.

    The reality is that most timeshares include a perpetuity clause, meaning that the heirs of an estate are also inheriting the financial responsibilities that come with owning a timeshare. Timeshare Freedom Group has helped thousands of customers out of their timeshares as they plan and prepare their estate and finances for the benefit of their heirs.

    No problem. We offer free consultations over the phone. A timeshare cancellation professional will answer all of your questions as they assess your timeshare status and walk you through what to expect during the cancellation process. You can click here to fill out a form fill or you can call us at (866) 668-6872

    The question of cost is probably the most common one we receive. We wish it were an easy question to answer, but it is not, for a variety of reasons.

    The most simple way to explain is that goes something like: A individual heads down to the local used car lot intending to buy a vehicle. Upon his arrival, he asks the sales guy; “how much is it to buy a car here?”

    The salesman responds; “well sir … that all depends on the kind of car you are getting.”

    The same applies to timeshare cancellations. That is, every timeshare situation is different and the cost to get you out of your contract is highly variable based upon the specifics of your case

    Yes, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  It states that if we do not get you out of your timeshare contract within the specified period of time, you will be entitled to a full, 100% money back guarantee.  The guarantee is unequivocal, and no questions asked, full refund should we not be able to cancel your timeshare contract.

    Truth be told, the guarantee almost never comes into play, as we will not take on timeshare owners we know we cannot help.  This is one of the core principles of our company and why we have been around as long as we have.  It is the shysters that will take money from anyone willing to give it.  We do not put ourselves in that spot and if your timeshare situation is one we cannot with certainty handle, we will not take you on as a client.

    This allows us to offer a 100%, unequivocal and no questions asked, money back guarantee should for any reason we be unable to cancel your timeshare contract.   There have been only 2-3 instances in our companies history where this has actually needed to happen.

    Of course, some of the variables in play that factor into the t relates t cost of the service would be:

    • How long you have owned the timeshare.
    • Which resort you have your timeshare with.
    • How much you pay in yearly maintenance fee.
    • Whether there is still a mortgage on the timeshare.
    • The balance of such mortgage if there is one.
    •  Whether you are current or past due with either your mortgage or maintenance fees.
    •  Other specifics listed in your timeshare contract.

    So there are two ways to get a price quote on canceling your timeshare contract.

    The first option, which we recommend for just about anyone looking to relinquish ownership of their timeshare, is to speak with one of our client advisers.  We offer a 100% free, no pressure, no obligation consultation where the adviser can review the details of your situation. By the end of the 20-minute call, the adviser will be able to quote you an exact fee and corresponding time line for the cancellation service.  If you would like to go this route, call our toll free scheduling line at 866-668-6872.  We are open seven days a week, from 4:00 am PST to 7:00 PM PST.

    The second option is more for people who are just looking for a ballpark figure to see if this is even a feasible option.  These type of people are still in the research phase and are not wanting to speak with anyone by phone yet.  This is perfectly fine and very understandable.

    The steps to take here would be first to follow the link below.  From there, you will be directed to a form with some questions about your timeshare situation.  It should take no longer than 4-5 minutes to complete.  That form will be sent to a client adviser.

    Here is the link for that: http://jo.my/qualify.