Timeshare Freedom Group’s Laguna Hills Area Office

Timeshare Freedom Group’s Laguna Hills regional sales office is conveniently located off Interstate 5 Freeway just south of the Interstate 405 interchange in beautiful Laguna Hills, CA.  The office is right on the border of the City of Irvine and is just a few minutes drive from The Irvine Spectrum.

The office is located inside the Citizens Bank Building that boasts free visitor parking.  Once you enter the building, you will want to take the lobby elevators up to the 6th floor and check in with the receptionist on duty.  Your sales rep will greet you there in the reception area.

If you have trouble finding us, you can always grab directions ahead of time on this page here.  Or you can call our corporate office at 866-668-6872 and someone in our service department would be glad to assist you.

For those that take issue with asking for directions, you can always look for what is best described as being a large black glassed structure with a large Citizens Bank sign on the side of it.  There is also a Carl’s Junior right at the front of the parking lot.

Want to beat traffic and get there early?  You can visit any number of local restaurants or shopping centers.  In particular, you can check out the world famous Irvine Spectrum Shopping Center.  There is also a Buffalo Wild Wings within a half mile of the office.

Our Location

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Located on the border of Irvine in the city of Laguna Hills.

Timeshare Freedom Group
Avenida De La Carlota
Laguna Hills, CA
Phone: 1.800.555.6789
Web: www.timesharefreedomgroup.com

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