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When Reviewing Timeshare Exit Companies, Ratings Matter

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I purchased my timeshare about 5 years ago. I was on vacation and felt like I was duped into a shady contract. Once I signed, numbers changed and I was given a bunch of excuses as to why I couldn’t book it. I didn’t want it anymore, especially since my fees were getting higher, so I reached out to Timeshare Freedom Group. I signed with them in April of 2018 and got out in May of 2019. The process took longer than I expected, but at this point I’m just really glad to be out of this nightmare!

- Stevi Brown

My experience with the Timeshare Freedom Group was exactly what I expected… I believe my exit from my timeshare was prolonged due to the fact that the timeshare was being sued. So they were not trying to speak with the lawyers that were handling the case. Timeshare freedom group reached out each month to give me updates on what was going on and I appreciated them for that.

- CW

Timeshare Freedom Group helped me to cancel my timeshare… They did everything they said that they would do. I had excellent experience with them and Mayana, my rep, was a wonderful person to work with. She stayed in touch with us until completed. We appreciate everything Timeshare Freedom Group has done for us to cancel this nightmare and bad experience. I would recommend Timeshare Freedom Group to anyone.

- Marilyn Edwards

I give Timeshare Freedom Group five stars and highly recommend this company to anyone trying to get out of the timeshare they are stuck in! This company backs everything it says it’s going to do plus more! They treat you like they care about you and like you’re a real person! They keep you updated throughout the whole process on everything that’s going on, and they perform miracles that I thought could never happen! I thought I was going to be stuck in my timeshare for good! I can’t thank everybody enough at Timeshare Freedom Group who helped me get out of my nightmare timeshare! I highly recommend this company!

- Shannon Marie Reynolds

Hi! I had a wonderful experience with Timeshare Freedom Group, and I highly recommend them to anybody trying to get out of a timeshare that they don’t want! I thought for sure I was going to be stuck in my timeshare and tried several companies before I found Timeshare Freedom Group , and was unsuccessful! Timeshare Freedom Group does everything that they say they’re going to do and they guide you through the whole process, keeping you informed! You also have the peace of mind knowing that your money is 100% refundable if for some reason they can’t get you out of your timeshare! Thanks a million to everybody at Timeshare Freedom Group who helped me get out of my nightmare timeshare!

- Tom Sanders

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