When you walked unassumingly into the timeshare presentation, you were likely thinking it would be an hour at most, and then you could get back to your vacation. After all, you got the vacation for dirt cheap in exchange for just a bit of your time attending one of these timeshare resort sales presentations.

This brings to mind a lesson most of us were taught by our parents when growing up; “few things in life are actually free”. While these timeshare vacation deals can seem like an incredible offer, it is wise to remember this advice we learned from mom and/or dad.  Make no mistake, these timeshare pitches are anything but free.  Let us explain a bit further.

The Timeshare’s Secret Weapon:  The Sales Pitch

In exchange for the deal, it is almost always mandatory that you attend a timeshare sales pitch. This requirement typically states you must attend a 90 minute sales presentation and oftentimes must take a tour of the timeshare resort.

It is also worth noting that you may be required to pre-qualify for the discounted timeshare vacation package.   The preconditions vary from company to company. One of the main ones is that you are married or in a relationship, along with your spouse or partner’s attendance at the presentation. Another requirement is often that you are over the age of 25.

The main point to consider is that if you fail to attend the presentation, do not bring your spouse or partner, or otherwise do not adhere to the terms and conditions by which you received the timeshare vacation package to begin with, then you will have to pay full price for the trip.

Have you ever stopped to think about why they are pre-qualifying people for these free vacations?  I mean, what difference does it make if you qualify or not if it is supposed to be a free trip?  The other things that come to mind that one needs to qualify for are services like financial loans and health insurance, neither of which are free.

It should be clear as day, but is not for some unknown reason, the timeshares are wanting to make sure you have the financial means necessary to purchase one of these timeshares.  That is why you need to be over the age of 25 to attend, as most young couples do not tend to have much extra money to spend.  This is also the reason why one needs to bring their spouse to the free presentation, as these timeshare salespeople know all too well the buying weakness of the proverbial “one legger”.

A one legger is sales speak for a husband or wife that comes in to make a large purchase of any kind but that is all alone as opposed to coming in as a couple.  Why this is such a big deal for the salespeople’s chances of making a close is that these one-leggers almost never will be able to close that same day.  After all, when was he last time you made a significant financial decision that would be impacting your family without first consulting your spouse or significant other?  Hence, the prequalification.

Free Vacation Package Via A Timeshare Presentation or Unscrupulous High Pressure Timeshare Sales Tactics?

Smart People Making Dumb Decisions when under duress at a timeshare presentation.  This happens far more often than you think.  Some timeshare owners, if they had it to do over again, now realize it would have been cheaper if they had never attended the pitch and simply paid full price for the travel accommodations. They went in thinking this was a great opportunity to get a vacation deal and came out owning a timeshare with a lifetime of maintenance fees attached.

How this happens is part of the timeshare resorts’ plan. They draw you in with a timeshare vacation deal too good to be true, get you into a timeshare presentation sales pitch when you are in vacation mode and your guard is down, and then they bedazzle you and pressure you with every sales tactic imaginable.

We liken it to the innocent man who falsely admits to a crime he did not commit.  Under further inspection, the confession almost always occurs after an intense police interrogation spanning many hours where the accused is under immense duress and will literally say or do anything just to get away.

This is the same exact phenomenon that occurs when people walk into a timeshare presentation and before they even knew what happened, they will have signed on the dotted line.  Timeshare sales tactics use all sorts of manipulations, cons, schemes and aggressive tactics to get your money.

These sales pros will routinely offer up alcohol to prospective buyers, will stage other people walking in and signing papers (social influence) to put pressure on prospects, and the list goes on.  Don’t believe us, take a look at this KCAL9 News Special.  You can do a quick search on Youtube and fine hundreds upon hundreds of these type reports.


A lot of smart people make a regrettably dumb decision during this process. These timeshare sales professionals are good at what they do, and will tell you just about anything to get into a timeshare.

If you are one of the smart people who made a dumb decision under the duress of one of these high pressure timeshare sales people, you are not alone. You also have rights and options that you may not be aware of.


You Do Have Options for Getting Out of Your Timeshare

The very best option available to get out of your timeshare forever is to hire an experienced timeshare attorney to help you cancel the contract. If you would like to speak with an adviser for a free timeshare cancellation consultation to discuss your particular situation, then call the Timeshare Freedom Group toll free at (866) 668-6872.